Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners (2024)

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Learn professional video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. A beginners course to get you started with basic editing techniques, text & graphics, audio enhancing, transitions, video effects and so much more!

Learn how to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro in this interactive and hands-on course. Updated for the 2024, it covers the latest features and tools.

By the end of this course you will understand the user interface and perform a professional video editing workflow. You can create and animate graphics and text, enhance audio and mix music, color correct video clips and more.

For who is this course?

Any creative person who likes to start editing great videos using a professional tool. If you’re not into slow manuals or long explanations of how things work, then this course is perfect for you. With student results in mind you’ll be able to start editing in no time. Don't feel overwhelmed, but get comfortable with Adobe Premiere Pro instead!

Class Objectives

You’ll learn a solid basis of Adobe Premiere Pro which allows you to do the following:

  • Organizing and starting a Premiere Pro project
  • Perform basic edits, arranging clips and working in multiple layers
  • Perform advanced edits using the toolbox, masks and blending techniques
  • Applying and adjusting video/audio effects
  • Create custom graphics and texts
  • Making custom templates and using third party templates
  • Create custom animations and understand its mechanics
  • Mixing audio from speech, music and sound effects
  • Exporting a video with the proper settings
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Turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. A professional video editor that doesn’t limit your creative choices.

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Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners (2024)

3 ratings
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