Create Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects

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Learn how to create Motion Graphics Templates with Adobe After Effects to use in your own workflow or to sell on marketplaces. These templates can be exported to Adobe Premiere Pro for a user-friendly use.

For Who Is This Course?

This class is for anyone who already has a basic understanding of Adobe After Effects and is ready for the next advanced feature to learn. You want to earn money by selling motion graphics templates on marketplaces. Or you wish to streamline your own production and safe time by creating your own custom templates.

What Will I Learn?

You'll learn how to create and export a Motion Graphics Template from start to finish:

  • How to setup a template in After Effects and export it to use in Premiere Pro
  • Create user-friendly interfaces using dropdown menus and checkboxes
  • Write basic expressions to automate actions
  • Linking objects and properties for easier use
  • Working with animation curves

  • Introduction (1:20)
  • Free Preview: Creating a Template (11:24)
  • 'If Else' Expression (8:20)
  • Designing a Lower Third (15:51)
  • Advanced Animations (12:03)
  • Color Controllers (12:53)
  • Handling Text Fields (4:51)
  • Object Linking (10:54)
  • Conclusion (1:20)

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By the end of the class you are able to setup and export your own custom templates. As well as creating user-friendly tools like checkboxes and dropdown menus using expressions.

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Create Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects

0 ratings
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