Introduction to Lighting for Videography

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Course Information

You’ll learn the essence of lighting in video. An answer to the question; “how does lighting in video work?". After this class you’ll know where to place or position specific lights to create more depth and more interesting scenes.

For who is this course?

Any videographer who’s new to lighting or struggles with the purpose of light in video.

What do I need?

Lighting is a theory and can be applied to any situation. You don’t need professional lighting tools to follow this class. Using windows, decorative lights, sun light and more, we can apply the same principles.

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the class you will have an understanding of the foundation of lighting in video and films.

  • Why we use lights
  • Where to place lights
  • How to work with practical lights
  • The difference between colored lights
  • Practical Examples
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Learn how to create depth, cinematic shots and interesting scenes in this introduction to lighting for video class. With basic lighting tools and natural sources we’re showing various examples in our film-studio and at home.

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Introduction to Lighting for Videography

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