IGNITE - 20 Rotatable Explosions for After Effects

IGNITE’ is a simulated explosion pack for Adobe After Effects. This pack contains 20 different explosions which are rendered from 21 different camera angles. Using a simple slider, you can choose the orientation of any explosion to fit the perspective in your film.

How to

You'll get 20 After Effects folders, each one contains an explosion. Simply drag the explosion comp into your scene and from the effects controls, change the angle to match the perspective with your scene.


Do I need any plugins?
No, IGNITE works native in Adobe After Effects

What if I get an expression error?
If you have a non-English version of After Effects installed, it's possible that you will see an expression error. We can't work around that. However, the rotation functionality is written in 1 expression layer. So it's easy to adapt them to your language. If you have trouble doing that, you can reach out to use at support@cinecom.net. Alternatively you can install the English version of After Effects.

Will you add more explosions to the pack?
We decided not to make more explosions because of the intense rendering times. But we are looking to create new VFX packs with the same rotation functionality.

IGNITE in Action!

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20 After Effects projects containing 1 explosion each that can be rotated to 21 different angles.

Different Explosions
Download Size
25.8 GB
2880 x 1660
Frame Rate
30 FPS
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IGNITE - 20 Rotatable Explosions for After Effects

I want this!