Thanos Disintegration After Effects Template

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Recreate the Thanos disintegration effect with this easy to use template for Adobe After Effects. This templates uses no third-party plugins.

This template for Adobe After Effects allows you to quickly create a disintegration effect on any cut-out subject. The template is pre-animated, but comes with simple controls to easily change the timing, look and feel of the effects.


Before using the template, you need to film from a tripod as you would need a shot from your talent and the empty background.
Additionally you can shoot your talent on a greenscreen.

The After Effects template comes with 3 compositions. In the 'Cut-out subject' you place the clip of your talent and key them out. The next one is 'Body Fractal' composition. In here you can determine the position and wipe angle of the disintegration.

And finally is the disintegration composition in which you can change the look and feel, but also animate the different properties if you like.

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You'll get an easy-to-use AE template to create your own disintegration effect

Compatible with
Adobe After Effects CC 2023
Third-Party Plugins
1920x1080 (can be upscaled)
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Thanos Disintegration After Effects Template

0 ratings
I want this!